52nd Cannes movie Festival: Charitable Gala AmFAR

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  • First broadcast date: 05/20/1999
  • Show: CINE SIX
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    "Cannes. There she is. She comes last, normal is a diva. That which can be considered as the last real star of Hollywood's heyday, Liz Taylor, arrived in very select restaurant" Mill Mougins "to animate the sixth Gala charity the association of fight against AIDS which she chairs, the amFAR (the American Foundation for Research against AIDS). it is accompanied by the Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre, pink dress and white, covered with diamonds hair, hands closed on the chest. proven, tired, may be suffering but always witty and funny, she delivers the opening speech of the auction that will collect nearly 350,000 dollars. objects but also one of the dresses that Princess Diana had worn for a trip to Korea in 1992 sold for 65,000 dollars. a hundred thousand dollars more for the award of the 1952 Convertible to participate in the evening , 350 participants had to pay up to nearly 5000 dollars. Among the generous donors included Anjelica Huston, Anouk Aimee, Irene Jacob or Roger Moore, Malcolm McDowell, Val Kilmer, Ben Affleck and David Lynch's "copyright:. Digipresse
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