Rise of the team steps "Face" and rising Jury steps

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  • First broadcast date: 05/23/2009
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    Fanny Ardant .... Laetitia Casta ... 2 glamorous smiles for a recent red carpet of Cannes ... The two French actresses showing of "Face" of the Taiwanese Tsai Ming-Liang. A contemplative aesthetic work ... ... that pays homage to Truffaut ... with Laetitia Casta amazing. Mentioned his Laetitia Casta for the prize by some, the film will win against other big names present at the 62nd edition of the festival ... the jury headed by Isabelle Huppert, making his choice. Overview of forecasts with David Madej Pascal Largeron. Side forecasts, after 10 days of competition ... so you admit ... We do not see very clear. glasses has yet we did try to point our best microphones on the Croisette to pierce the rumor rumor ... to point our cameras to make a clarification. Verdict: vox pop 20 films in competition, and almost as many darling. Explanation, many developers "heavyweights" this year, Almodovar, Tarantino, Ken Loach and in their luggage, their fans ... fans. Live Tarantino Yet they have not crushed the competition, and many in Cannes, well imagine a palm this year for the discreet French director Jacques Audiard ... and "Prophet" His Fabrice Leclerc / editor "studio live cinema "if sacred to the prophet, it would be the second French palm in two years .... a first! Spectacular end and reward tomorrow night!
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