INTERVIEW Sophie Marceau in "Fanfan"

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  • Reference: 23936
  • First broadcast date: 01/01/1993
  • Show: CINE ITW
  • Resolution: SD
  • Ratio: 16/9 (Pillar Box)
  • Duration: 00:23:22.280
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    ------------------------ ------------------- Exterior - Sophie Marceau left the theater to meet a fan - exterior facade theater Hébertot with letters on the pediment theater showing "Pygmalion" + name "Lambert Wilson" and "Sophie Marceau" to Sophie Marceau signing an autograph to a fan / next camera Sophie Marceau entering theater ---------------------------- Interior / well ------------------ ---------- - Sophie Marceau in his dressing room - ITW Sophie Marceau ----------------------- ----- Themes ------------------- - did not read books of Alexander Garden; has wanted to do this character Fanfan; pleasant work with Vincent Perez and Alexander Garden - about love - "the most important day of my life, the day of my 25 years, I felt a deep inner freedom, today I am a free "(...) that's why I wanted to do this character Fanfan -" I do not understand French movies, they do not show the real life "- in his career so far (its 12 - 13 years career) - Remember "the Boom": not a lot of memories - the most decisive encounter with Andrzej Zulawski, work with him - theater play - "30 years I know what I want to play"; I think rather than movies roles - like having free time between films - the "Police" Maurice Pialat film: "it hurt" very special shoot - beautiful image reflection of Sophie Marceau in the mirror of his box
  • On screen tags - keywords: ART, AUTOGRAPH, FACADE, FAN (admirer), HEBERTOT THEATRE , ILLUSTRATION, image descriptors, LODGE, Marceau,Sophie, NICE PICTURE, qualitative descriptors, SHOW, SIGNATURE, THEATER


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France 01/01/1993
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