44th Cannes Film Festival: Film Team 'A Rage in Harlem "+ + ITW ITW Emmanuelle Béart Michel Piccoli for" Beautiful noiseuse "

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  • Reference: 23508
  • First broadcast date: 05/01/1991
  • Show: CINE SIX
  • Resolution: SD
  • Ratio: 16/9
  • Duration: 00:13:03.760
  • Summary / Shot listing:

    ** Film team "A Rage in Harlem" ** - Gregory Hines, Bill DUKE out of a room and signing an autograph on a whiteboard - in the crowd: PR Gregory Hines, Bill DUKE Robin GIVENS and Forest Whitaker posing for photographers - Forest Whitaker Gregory Hines and leaving the scene - Bill DUKE leaving the scene - Robin GIVENS leaving the scene ** ITW for the film "the Beautiful Troublemaker" ** ITW Emmanuelle BEART, actress [she smokes during ITW] SOUND: promoting a film; Jacques Rivette; difficult role due in particular to nudity; search diversity in the choice of roles; this film is a duel; nudity in the film ITW Michel PICCOLI, actor (micro M6 very present during the ITW!) SOUND: promoting a film; Jacques Rivette; the auteur cinema; SMALL SENTENCE "there's poo cinema and film not poo"; he could no longer play "viscerally" it does not fail him; Jane Birkin and its partners in Emmanuelle Béart "The Beautiful Troublemaker" and refers to nudity in the film Emmanuelle Béart
  • On screen tags - keywords: ART, Béart,Emmanuelle, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, CATCH PHRASE, CIGARETTE, CINEMA (art), Duke,Bill, FILM FESTIVAL, Givens,Robin, Hines,Gregory, image descriptors, Piccoli,Michel, POSE, qualitative descriptors, SMOKE, stock, TOBACCO, Whitaker,Forest