Interview with Lilian Thuram: his memories of the final France - Brazil at the World Cup in 1998

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    France expects the 2018 Blues the same feat than that accomplished by their elders, it was 20 years ago; France team football top of the world, during a memorable evening inseparable from the late twentieth century to the French. Each of us remembers also what he did on July 12, 1998. Back on a historic date. ITW Lilian THURAM footballer mindset of the players at the breakfast: concentration, serenity the last drive of the Blues before the game the night before the game a story: the jokes about Ronaldo fervor and enthusiasm the French in the path of the France team to the stadium the mood of the team before entering the field team spirit within the team, the work of Aime Jacquet for create this team spirit the course of the match: 1 goal Zidane Zidane 2nd base, the purpose of Petit her reaction during the match and after the match: laughter, the explosion of joy, the french flag waved reaction of the players and staff of the french at the end of the match his desire to enjoy this victory, when he touched the trophy the realization of a childhood dream the feeling of being useful in making people happy feeling that the French expect more players they give the best of themselves, much more than winning the post-match players and staff 07/12/2018 French evening: an unforgettable day, but not the most important thing in his life jubilation after victory
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