Master & Commander: Paul Bettany Interview

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  • First broadcast date: 12/31/2003
  • Show: CINESIX
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    - Question about the character compared to the Brazilian coast in 1805: - Answer PB: As the character is a naturalist, all places seem him intriguing. It can get lost in the details. That is why he is on the boat, even though it's an Irish sailing for English. It is a very contradictory character. - Question: Have you found that there were similarities between your character and your work as an actor because you have to look for what is behind everything. - Answer PB: Yes, there is a similarity, but the biggest difference is that an actor is primarily a self-centered business. - Question: You must have some curiosity, and be interested in other people. - Answer PB: Yes absolutely. The actor is primarily to monitor and interpret the choices of others. And you can learn greatly through this. - Question: The director said there is always something under the surface of the images. This is not only boats, the sea and the conflicts between France and England. What is this story? - Answer PB: I think it's about friendship. I also think that the director has an attachment on the historical details. If you look at his films, there are isolated communities such as the Irish and the poor in society. In this film they are grouped in a confined space which is the boat is a microcosm. It really has a talent as a filmmaker. In this film he proved that he could go at the microscopic epic.
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France 10/01/2003
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