Master & Commander: Peter Weir Interview

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  • Reference: 203933
  • First broadcast date: 12/31/2003
  • Show: CINESIX
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  • Ratio: 16/9
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    - Question: I wanted to know if this story has awakened the boy in you that wants to jump on a boat? - Answer PW: I'm on the south side of the world. Since I left and I never really returned. I was lucky to take the boat to travel that distance. Today 24 you anywhere. - Question: What did you say to the public through this story? - Answer PW: In a brutal world, one can see the best and worst of mankind. - Question: Is Russel Crowe surprised you? - Answer PW: I think it surprised me steadily. It introduces very small details in the story, of how to do. He prepares everything, even the movement of one eye.
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France 10/01/2003
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