Calendar Girls: Helen Mirren Interview

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  • First broadcast date: 05/11/2003
  • Show: CINESIX
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    - Question: Can you hear about the history of this calendar before shooting this film? - Answer HM: No, no I was without dout the United States when the schedule came out. But I read the article in the New York Times there was a large artcile on that and I think it is this article that inspired the people who made the film. - Asked HM: To prepare your character is what you wanted to meet these famous people? - Answer HM: Yes of course, I was inspired. They have great character these women. They come from a very small village in England. They are full of life. - Question: Do you you would have to pose nude for a calendar to raise money? - Answer HM: No, because it's different for me because I'm an actress. They, they were not known. It was a release, they are great. - Question: Tell us about that scene, this calendar is that it was intimidating? - Answer HM: For me at all, I was the leader I showed others that it was not difficult. - Question: Are you happy to present this film in Cannes? - Answer HM: I was afraid that the film gets lost in all the films in Cannes but today is.
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Cannes 05/11/2003
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