Master & Commander: Russell Crowe Interview

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  • First broadcast date: 12/31/2003
  • Show: CINESIX
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    - Question: Do you enjoy the fact that the film is fighting against stereotypes? - Answer RC: Of course. I knew Peter was not going to do something mundane and I am impressed with the work he did. The film is being shown to the public is one thing but the creative process is another thing, it's amazing. - Question: Are you like your character Captain Jack Aubrey? - Answer RC: Sometimes you play a character you do not agree. But I have always been concerned with regard to the moral thanks to my parents in particular. I think it was important in this film to take the reins and be their captain. - Question: Do you agree on the complexity of situations and your character? - Answer RC: That's the beauty of the story. It's pretty rare to see cinema films in which all the protagonists argue. Most films show a character who argues and other listeners. You have two characters with 2 different views. - Question: You are known as a character who is involved fully in your roles. Did you forget Russell to become the character? - Answer RC: Not really, it's a performance. This is the work between "Action and cut". When you play a character, whatever the qualities that you possess must be given to the role.
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