ITW Michel Sardou: cinema, youth (close-up)

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  • Reference: 192676
  • First broadcast date: 10/02/1994
  • Show: STARRUSH
  • Resolution: HD
  • Ratio: 16/9
  • Summary / Shot listing:

    ITW Michel Sardou: admiration for his father and for the actors / took acting classes, wanted to enter the French comedy actor and become a "classic" / the stage is the only time he's happy to do business and where he feels free / her acting career in the 80 / think there is no barrier between the actor and singer / would do theater / Speak of his childhood, boarding school, relationships with his father and mother / married young to live his life, had two daughters early, but after divorce, a father is "far."
  • On screen tags - keywords: Raw footage, Sardou,Michel, Screener, Stock Footage