ITW Michel Sardou: the work of writing, the popular song, together with Jacques Revaux Pierre Delanoe (close-up)

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  • Reference: 192674
  • First broadcast date: 10/02/1994
  • Show: STARRUSH
  • Resolution: HD
  • Ratio: 16/9
  • Summary / Shot listing:

    ITW Michel Sardou: House in Sologne / writing work: meeting and collaboration with Jacques Revaux / the songs creative work, debuting / do not like the production and recording songs / could have been more nuanced, more tolerant when he wrote some songs in his youth, too instinctive writing at the time / are claimed as a popular singer / now, he tries to tell a story / song is a minor art compared to poetry / considers like an acrobat / Take life as it comes / popular / public collaboration with Pierre Delanoë: write some songs controversy, the beginning of their collaboration.
  • On screen tags - keywords: Raw footage, Sardou,Michel, Screener, Stock Footage