Monica Bellucci Interview and and ITW ITW Farida Rahouadj Bertrand Blier while movieing "How you love me?" Bertrand Blier

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  • Reference: 18156
  • First broadcast date: 03/17/2005
  • Show: CINE SIX
  • Resolution: SD
  • Ratio: 16/9 (Pillar Box)
  • Duration: 00:47:06.800
  • Summary / Shot listing:

    - ITW Monica BELLUCCI sound "How much you love me," the impact of motherhood on his reading of scripts, work Bertrand Blier filming nude scenes, financial problems to mount the film next release of "Robots "+ visit film locations - information sign prohibiting access to the platform for foreigners to production - ITW Farida Rahouadj sound:" How do you love me ", turning, Bertrand Blier, Monica Bellucci - Bernard Campan in? blue bathrobe walking + answers a reporter's question - monitor - ITW Bertrand BLIER sound: genesis, Monica Bellucci, filming nude scenes, love scenes quite chaste and modest + visit "How you love me?" location + Bertrand BLIER says the scene was filmed there (love scene), and describes the techniques adopted, evokes the test screenings, the films and filmmakers of interest
  • On screen tags - keywords: ART, Bellucci,Monica, Blier,Bertrand, Campan,Bernard, CINEMA (art), COMBIEN TU M'AIMES ?, COMEDY, CONTROL SCREEN, EQUIPMENT, FULL-LENGTH FILM, MOVIE, Rahouadj,Farida, SCREEN


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France 03/17/2005
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