Music: Dave Gahan interview to promote the album "Spirit" Depeche Mode

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  • First broadcast date: 03/20/2017
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    More than 30 year career and 100 million albums sold worldwide. Their 14th album is a new high. The infernal trio Depeche Mode sign his comeback with Spirit. 12 tracks electro pop and a spirit of revolt still intact for the British group. In English, ITW Dave GAHAN, lead singer of Depeche Mode - their concert at the Stade de France - connecting with their fans - their first concert in France at Les Bains Douches - the song "People Are People" / new wave - their current influence in the music business - the US presidential / the Brexit - David Bowie - their new album "Spirit" - their song "Where's the Revolution" - the video for the song "Where's the Revolution" - the visual album "Spirit" - collaboration with Martin Gore on several songs - Depeche mode musicians Christian Eigner and Peter Gordeno
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