Cannes 2008: Na Hong-Jin interview for "The Chaser" (2/2)

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  • Reference: 12369
  • First broadcast date: 05/16/2008
  • Show: CINE ITW
  • Resolution: SD
  • Ratio: 16/9
  • Duration: 00:13:45.240
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    ITW GP Hong Jin NA, director, sitting with sea and beach behind him in Korean (with translation into French then) (with boat starting right behind him !!!!) (UNUSUAL) --------- Themes ---------------- ------------------------- on which more in it the script and why he wanted to achieve on the making of this film (screenplay and direction) about the possible remake with DiCaprio on this very dark hero ---------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------
  • On screen tags - keywords: ART, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, CINEMA (art), FILM FESTIVAL, image descriptors, Na,Hong-jin, RAW FOOTAGE, SCREENER, sensational descriptors, STOCK FOOTAGE, UNUSUAL


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Cannes 05/16/2008
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